China is poised to launch a new type of transport that would use blockchain technology to facilitate a seamless, automated, and secure transport.

The National Transport Administration (NTA) is set to launch an e-trader for transportation companies and blockchain-based logistics firms.

It will provide a secure, secure, and scalable way to buy, sell, and deliver goods and services, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The e-trade platform will allow the transportation companies to manage and track all the goods, such as vehicles, trucks, and rail cars, that are moving through their networks, the report said.

It could also help automate the transportation of goods.

It will also help the transportation firms sell their goods and help the public transport companies transport goods and passengers.

The platform will be used for e-commerce, as well as for logistics services, the Wall Street Review said.

The announcement comes at a time when blockchain is gaining more traction, with startups like Ethereum-based BitPay,, and Bitcoin-focused Bitcoin Express working on projects that can be used to facilitate transactions, the Journal said.

It is unclear what specific applications the platform will serve, the WSJ said, citing a source familiar with the plans.