LONDON — The government has decided to take over the operation of the city’s public transportation system and has started a consultation on the change.

The move comes amid fears of an increase in traffic jams and air pollution, and after a report from the London-based Environmental Protection Agency last month found a range of potential health impacts associated with air pollution.

The agency warned that the city may see up to a million premature deaths from air pollution each year.

The transport ministry announced Monday that it will now take over operations of London’s transit system, Transport for London.

Transport for London is the main transport agency for London and will oversee the transport network, including buses, trains and subways.

It will also work with the City of London Corporation to set up a system of traffic lights, so people can find the right direction of travel in the city.

LONDON — London’s mayor said Monday that the government will begin a consultation process on the creation of a new transport system, including the creation and maintenance of traffic signals.

Mayor Boris Johnson said the government would be consulting with local communities on the process of making changes to London’s transportation network and the changes will be made as quickly as possible.

Johnson said the consultation process would begin within weeks and would involve representatives from the Mayor’s office, the City’s Corporation and representatives of London Metropolitan University.

As part of the consultation, the government is looking at options for improving traffic flow in the capital, Johnson said.

“We are going to be looking at making sure we have the traffic signals, so that people are aware of the routes, and we are going.

to look at how we can make it easier for people to find the appropriate route,” he said.

Johnson added that the process would not include changes to traffic laws or congestion pricing.

While the city plans to overhaul its transportation system, it has been in a state of disrepair for decades.

In the 1980s, a group of students led by George Monbiot wrote a book about how the city was being run.

Many of the current problems in London stem from the city being built in an era when many people did not have cars, Johnson added.

Johnson is a member of the London Assembly and is running in the May 2017 general election against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.