With the advent of electric cars, many people are taking a much-needed detour to get around, but the commute itself isn’t too bad. 

There are a number of ways you can avoid the dreaded commute with your car. 

In fact, there are more ways than you think to avoid getting a long commute, from the best way to get a parking space to the safest way to ride your bike.

Here are seven ways to avoid a long trip. 


Drive yourself to the airport First, you need to figure out what’s on your list for your first stop.

Here’s how: If you’re flying out of or arriving at the airport, you can make an appointment with the airport’s Parking and Transportation Center (PTC) office. 

This is where you can pick up your rental car, take a parking pass, and pick up a ticket for your parking spot at the PTC. 

Once you arrive, you’ll need to get your parking pass from the PCT office.

The PTC office will then give you your parking ticket and you’ll have to go pick it up. 

You’ll also need to give the ticket to a person on your flight, if you want to avoid going through the airport with your rental cars and your bags.

If you’re staying in your hotel room, you might need to find someone to pick up the parking ticket from the hotel. 


Make your own parking space If you don’t want to be forced to use the PTA, you could also park your car in a parking garage or other private parking lot. 

To do this, you’re going to need to do some research and go through the Ptc website. 

Here’s what you need: A few things to know: You can find lots of parking spots in many locations in New York City, but it’s best to get in and get the best spot first. 

If there’s no parking, your parking will be $50 per hour for the entire day. 

The best way is to find parking in a spot that is close to the subway or the subway stop. 

When you arrive at your destination, you will need to pay the Ptc for the parking. 

Parking fees are a flat rate of $10 per hour. 


Use public transit This one may seem obvious, but you can always take the subway and/or the subway to get to your destination. 

It’s also a great way to avoid your carpooling commute. 

On most major subway lines, there’s a dedicated carpool lane, which allows you to take public transit to your stop.

You can find out where your car will be parked in advance by checking the Pctc website or by calling the PTR website.

You will need your PTA pass and a parking spot to get on the bus or subway. 


Buy an electric car You can also buy an electric vehicle that’s quieter than your car, or is cheaper. 

Tesla is the largest car-sharing company in the world, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get an electric auto. 

Buying an electric will save you money and help you save money on your monthly electric bills. 

For the most part, electric cars will be more expensive than gas-powered cars, so you might want to consider buying a gas-only car instead of an electric one. 


Take a taxi or ride-share car You could also rent an electric taxi or a ride-sharing car, but those options are usually not as comfortable or reliable as a car.

You might want one of these vehicles to be your first choice if you have a car rental problem, but they can also be dangerous. 

A taxi or another service is an option that’s available when you need a car to take you to your first destination, but there’s usually no guarantee that they’ll be safe. 


Pay with cash The first way to pay your rent is by using a credit card.

You may not be able to get this done when you’re renting your car or even when you buy your car outright. 

How to pay for rent using a Credit Card and/a Car rental website If you can’t get a credit or debit card from your bank, it might be easier to pay rent using cash.

If your bank doesn’t have a mobile wallet option, you should probably get a mobile payment option. 

While you might be able do this with cash, you may not have as many options to make payments with cash as you would with a credit and debit card. 


Try a carpool or get a ride to work or school This can be tricky if you’re taking the bus to work and your car is parked at a bus stop.

To do this: Pick up your car at a stop along the route. 

Grab your phone and head to the stop where your