A mobile data provider has announced it will allow consumers to send and receive unlimited text messages, SMS and data.

Smith Transport, based in Australia’s south-west, said it would introduce unlimited data to mobile customers in Australia on Thursday, which it said will be available on existing mobile phone lines as well as new data plans.

The move comes as the Federal Government moves to introduce new data caps for some users and to ensure more Australians have access to the data they need.

Smith said it will offer unlimited mobile data to its existing and new customers, and also plans to offer new data to existing and existing customers in the next 12 months.

Smith’s announcement comes just months after the Federal Communications Commission ruled that the Coalition Government was violating the Telecommunications Act when it implemented caps on mobile data, including the introduction of data caps in December.

The Commission also ordered that data caps be eliminated on all mobile phone and internet service providers in Australia by the end of the year.

The Federal Government announced it would lift mobile data caps by 2020, but will not remove data caps on existing customers.

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The new plans will allow users to send unlimited text, SMS, and data texts, with the data being automatically synced to mobile phone services in Australia.

Smith has introduced plans for the following:One year of unlimited data with unlimited text and unlimited data callsSmith said that unlimited text will be offered on existing and newly-acquired mobile phones, while unlimited data will be introduced on new plans, with unlimited data on new and existing phones.

Smith expects to sell the plans for $150 to $200 a month, depending on the size of the plan, but has no fixed prices.

Smith and other carriers in Australia have long offered unlimited data, with data caps ranging from 10MB per day to 100MB per month.

Smith transport said it was not aware of any other carriers offering unlimited data.

The Government is proposing to introduce data caps, with consumers to be charged for data when it’s used.

In October, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said that data limits should be removed from the Australian telecommunications market, including for new services such as data-free mobile phone calls.

A spokeswoman for Smith said the company had no plans to change its current unlimited data plan.