A new transportation bill could make big changes to Washington state’s transportation system and make it more affordable for people living in the suburbs to get around.

Here are five things to know about the bill:1.

It’s more affordableThe proposed bill would make it easier for residents living in rural areas to get by.

It would also increase funding for schools and hospitals in rural parts of the state.

It also would add a new program for low-income families, including a new federal tax credit to help them pay for childcare.2.

It might make Washington more affordableIf the bill passes, the state could be eligible for an increase in its gas tax and electricity rates, but that’s not guaranteed.

The bill also calls for an increased sales tax on cigarettes and alcohol, and a 1.9 percent sales tax increase in the coming years.

It has not yet been released, but if it does, it will be a major hike for Washington.3.

It could make the state more accessibleIt’s also unclear how the bill would affect people living farther from jobs or schools, who might be more able to pay for things like childcare or transportation.

It is also unclear whether the bill will include money to help rural residents get around without relying on public transportation.

The state would also have to set aside money for people to travel from the cities to the suburbs.4.

It will affect a lot of peopleWhat about all the people who don’t live in the metro area?

The bill would also expand the definition of who is eligible to get a home loan and extend the eligibility for tax-free mortgage insurance.

It adds money for rural schools, makes it easier to get loans to purchase vehicles and expands a program to help elderly people pay their medical bills.5.

It may not make much of a differenceSome analysts have predicted that a more expensive transportation bill might make the Washington state transportation system more expensive.

But that hasn’t been confirmed.

The House version of the bill has already passed by a vote of 266-189.