Transporting yourself and children on a public transport bus is a lot easier than it seems.

For instance, the ticketing system on most buses, which charges passengers a fee for each trip, is easy to use.

The system also provides the information on which buses are available.

It can be confusing for parents and kids to figure out which bus is which.

There are a few bus companies, such as EMT-E, that offer transport for parents with children on buses.

However, EMT E has recently announced it will be discontinuing the parent-only transport service.

According to a company spokesman, the company has not been able to find any suitable transport provider to run the parent only transport service, and decided to take the step of discontinuing parent-free transport service on the buses in the country.

He added that EMT is looking into alternatives for parent-based transport in the future.

As the company is a private company, it cannot afford to have a parent-less transport option, so it will continue to run parent-friendly transport on the roads.