Dems are planning to repeal two Obama-era privacy protections for the public transportation system and rail, transit and bus services, as they look to roll back some of President Donald Trump’s most sweeping actions on public transit.

The two measures are likely to become law in the coming days.

In the first, the Senate will take up the repeal of the Safe and Accurate Transit (SAUT) program, which requires federal agencies to give consumers the ability to know where their money goes.

Under the program, the federal government reimburses rail and bus companies for the costs of passenger safety and security on their trains and buses.

Trump signed the bill in April, after he withdrew the Safe-Transit Act of 2016.

The bill also would allow states to opt out of requiring train operators to install a wireless radio in their trains.

It also would give states the ability for their rail systems to provide riders with a smartphone app to check the status of their rail system and find the nearest train station.

Senate Democrats are expected to reintroduce the bill as soon as Thursday.

The House passed the bill last year.

The other privacy measure the Senate is considering is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Privacy and Civil Liberties Act.

The bill would require the federal agency to give people who are not passengers the ability see where their data is stored.

It would also require that companies such as Uber and Lyft remove personal data from their platform.

Democrats are also looking at a bipartisan bill called the Transportation for All Act of 2018.

It seeks to end the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) prohibition on passenger-carrying bicycles.

The rider ban, which was implemented after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, is one of the reasons the agency has struggled to attract riders.

The House passed a bill last week to reinstate the rider ban and to restore the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authority to enforce passenger-carrier privacy rules, but the Senate has yet to take up it.

Democrats plan to reintroduc…