The Ford Fusion, Ford’s most expensive car, is not the cheapest car on the planet.

It costs $54,934, which is nearly $25,000 less than the average car on US roads.

However, the car is far from cheap.

Ford’s Fusion has a price tag of $55,000.

That is not even close to the average cost of the vehicle.

According to a study by Edmunds, Ford Fusion has an average price of $57,937.

It’s not the most expensive Ford vehicle.

Ford Fusion is, however, the most popular car on American roads.

In fact, the Fusion is the top selling car in America.

The Ford Fusions sales are down slightly from last year.

Ford is also looking to boost its U.S. sales numbers this year.

That’s when the Fusion will begin seeing more sales in the U.K. and Europe.

In 2018, Ford is planning to build 200 Fusion cars in the UK.

The company is also planning to bring back the Fusions in 2019.

Ford hopes to add 2 million Fusion cars to the U.

“The Ford Fusion offers many features that are considered premium by the average American.

It comes with a 3.7-liter V6 engine, which makes up for its limited fuel economy.

The Fusion comes standard with a four-wheel-drive system.

Ford also plans to add a seven-speed automatic transmission in the Fusion.

The vehicle is available with or without heated and cooled seats.

The Fusions fuel economy rating is 23 MPG city/23 MPG highway.

It can be ordered with either the base model or the Fusion Luxury Package.

The base Fusion Luxory Package costs $2,865.

It includes the base Fusion, Navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, power windows, heated seats, heated leather seats, power moonroof, heated power driver seat, power front seats, Power sunroof with LED rear tail lamps, power rear window shades, power trunk lid, Power rear sun visor, power door locks, power window air bags, power heated front seats with rear heated seats and power trunk and cargo space-saving folding rear seats.