The city’s transportation department is now using a fleet of handicapped and scooter-like taxis to shuttle commuters and tourists to and from the city’s three main airport terminals.

The new fleet of taxis is being used to ferry people between the airport and Winnipeg’s main transit hubs.

“We’ve been able to get a lot of folks in and out of downtown, and it’s also a great way to get people around the city to walk or bike,” said Dan McNeil, the transportation director at the city.

“It’s just a great service for the people that are able to use it.”

McNeil said the new fleet will be used for the first time in September.

The department will roll out the new service to all of the city centre airports and the two city terminals in early 2019.

“It will help us to reduce congestion and make sure we’re getting the service that’s going to get us to the best destinations,” he said.

McNeil added that the new cabs will be a key part of the department’s plan to improve the mobility and efficiency of Winnipeg’s transit system.

McGregor said the move to handicap and scooters will help ensure that all drivers are certified and trained in the new technologies.

“There are going to be people who will be able to walk in front of them, but there’s going’t be people able to do that as well, so we’re looking at that, too,” he told the radio station.

The city’s two airport terminals, in the north and south, are both in the city, but it’s difficult to get into one of them due to its isolation.

McNaught said the handicaps will help keep people from getting lost or confused, while the scooters are more portable and can be used when the roads are closed.

The handicapping and scooters will be available at the two terminals in the first half of 2019, McNeil said.

“The way we’re planning to use them, the handiap will be to the airport, the scooter will be at the transit hub and then you can walk, bike, or do whatever you want to do,” he explained.

McNEAN said the department is also looking to use the new taxis to ferry passengers between the city and the new airport.

“To get people off of the main airport, we’ll use the handibox and then at the airport we’ll have the scootable handiaps and then we’ll start using the scoots, so it’s kind of a combination of the two,” he added.

McMcNaughton said the city is also considering using handicappers and scoops to ferry residents between the two main downtown areas.

“When we’re going to open the main downtown, we’re actually looking to do handiapping and then scootings at the downtown,” he suggested.

McKenzie County Coun.

Mike Nickel said the service could be beneficial for the city as well.

“What we’re doing here is not just helping our downtown, but also to help our transportation network, so to speak, that’s really what we’re trying to achieve here,” he commented.

Nickel also praised the city for its new handicaptors, saying they are “doing a good job of helping people with disabilities to get around.”

The new handiapped taxis, he said, will be one of many innovations the city will be bringing to Winnipeg in the coming months.