The Bison Transport Authority, an independent group that works with Oklahoma City authorities to make public transportation more reliable, has been investigating the possibility of a bison transfer between Oklahoma City and Fargo.

The idea was floated last summer when Oklahoma City Mayor Steve Stivers called a meeting with the BTSA to discuss how best to handle the relocation of bison.

The BTSAs own bison herd is estimated at 30,000 animals and its transportation plan calls for transporting them via two barge bridges and two trucks, according to a news release from the Bison Transportation Authority.

BTS Asst.

Chief of Police John Mott told the AP that the bison will not be allowed to cross the border.

The BTS will have to work with the Fargo City Council and Fargo Police Department to negotiate a transportation plan.

“We will work with them, but not without the assistance of the Fargo Police,” Mott said.

The city is also looking into the issue of a truck carrying the bisons that would need to be moved to Fargo in a truck with a trailer.

Fargo Mayor Ron Fong has said he would not allow any such vehicle to cross.

Fargo officials have not responded to requests for comment.