(AP) President Joe Biden will propose a $20 billion transportation package as part of a package that he says will help Flint, Michigan, return to a safe drinking water system, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

Biden will deliver the proposal Thursday at the White House.

He said in an interview with The Associated Press that he’s been talking to officials from across the country to help solve the problem in Flint.

“If we don’t fix Flint, the state of Michigan will not have the resources to fix it,” Biden said.

The official said Biden will offer more specifics on the proposal in the coming days.

“The president is hopeful that the American people will see that this package of infrastructure investment and infrastructure repair will bring the Flint River back to life,” the official said.

“The governor has said that this is a priority for her.

It is.

It’s just that this was a long time coming.”

Biden, in his first visit to Flint since taking office, met with leaders from both parties on Wednesday and was briefed on the situation.

He told the reporters that he would do everything he could to fix the city’s drinking water and sanitation infrastructure.

The administration official told the AP that Biden will also announce a series of federal investments that will help improve education, healthcare, the economy and national security.

Biden is seeking re-election next year.