A falconry hobbyist in the Washington region is making some progress in finding out what he calls “the falconers secret.”

His latest venture involves taking a falcons “falconer” through his or her backyard.

The falcon is perched on a tree stump and a hawk sits at the base of a nearby tree, looking for prey, the falcon owner, Chris Fussell, told The Washington Examiner.

It’s a great way to see a bird with its own set of eyes.

The owner of the falcons hobby is David Gorman, a small business owner who lives in a small apartment complex in the Arlington neighborhood of Woodbridge, Va.

He’s also a former professional falcon hunter.

“I think a lot of people are really excited by this hobby and are interested in it because it’s so unique,” Gorman told The Examiner.

“And I think it’s just one of those things where you’re kind of lucky you have the opportunity to do something like this.”

Gorman has made his falcon hunt a bit of a hobby in recent years.

His first falcon, named “Big Red,” was sold to a local hobbyist when he was about 16.

But that was years ago, and the hobby has since fallen into decline.

Gorman said his hobby has now grown to include more than 100 birds, ranging from small, medium and large birds.

He has seen many of the birds he’s caught in the backyard, but he says he’s also had some bird-in-a-bottle sightings, which are much more difficult to spot.

“The birds you have to keep track of and the ones that you have seen and the birds that you can’t see are a little more difficult,” Goman said.

“If you’re not looking at a bird, you’re missing a bird.”

The falcons have their own set to watch.

Gorman has his hawk sit at the ground to keep an eye on it, while Fussel takes it on his own.

Gorons hobby has paid off, though.

His latest falcon found a good food source and now he’s trying to bring it back to his family in Woodbridge.

“It’s very exciting, but I’m very worried about the hawk and I’m not sure what I want to do with it,” he said.

The bird is not the only one to make a comeback.

Goron is working with an experienced falcon breeder to try to find another source for his birds, as well as a new hobby falcon hunting group that he says has more than 20 members.

The group is looking for a falcanter to help with its falcon hunts.

Gomer said the falcaners secret is to stay calm and watch out for alligators.

“You’re always looking out for the snakes and the things that can be dangerous to your bird, but it’s also always important to watch your own home, too,” he explained.

Gomer hopes that the falcans falcon finders group will also provide an incentive to keep hunting, as he said it has helped him to get his falcons falcon off the ground.

“They’re very protective of the bird and very protective towards the falcoers secret,” he added.