A video game based on the 2005 film “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is not safe for children, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA issued a warning to players about the video game’s graphic violence and graphic themes, including violence against children.

The agency said that video games that involve “sexual violence” can cause physical harm to children, but that the game does not have a “direct link” to actual sexual violence.

In the video, the protagonist has a cybernetic hand that can turn into a hand grenade.

The game warns players that this “will cause damage to children and their families.”

The game has been in development since 2008, and was marketed as a new addition to the Transformers franchise.

The movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was released in theaters in May 2009.

The film has been criticized for its depiction of cyber-attacks on humanity and for its portrayal of cyberbullying.

In the movie, Cyberdyne Corporation founder, Mr. Evil, is a cyber-bullying character who uses cyber-technology to bully other cyber-attackers.

The company has apologized for the film and has pledged to change its policies and make changes to its training for employees, but the company has denied the film’s depictions of cyberviolence.

The director of the film, Jennifer Lawrence, said the game’s depiction of violence against women is problematic, and that she was disturbed by the movie’s depictions.

“Transformers has a history of featuring strong women in the film franchise,” she said in a statement.

“While I am happy that the film has had a positive impact on the film industry, I believe that the depiction of Cyberdynes cyberbullies as the ‘bad guys’ in the Transformers movies was not in keeping with the franchise’s history.”

In a statement, Activision said it was “committed to creating a safe environment for all our employees and fans, and we will work with the FDA to address this.”

It said that the company had “not reviewed the video or the content of the game in question,” but that it “does not condone violence against any group of people, regardless of age.”

The company added that it has “not purchased any products from the ‘Transformers’ franchise” since the film came out.