WASHINGTON — The number of drivers on the road for the second straight year fell by one-fifth.

Mercer trucking announced Monday that it was cutting its drivers’ wages by 15 percent for the 2018 fiscal year and that it would reduce overtime pay by 10 percent.

That will affect more than 2,000 employees, including more than 6,500 who make less than $23,000 a year.

Mercers said the cuts would affect more crew members and the drivers who do the heavy lifting on the trucks.

It will cost the company more than $400 million.

The company also announced that its fleet of trucks would be redesigned to be more efficient, which it says will save more than 200 lives a year in the United States.

It said it will eliminate the number of trucks that have fewer than 10,000 miles on them and cut the number to 6,000, a smaller fleet.