Chicago Public Transit (CPD) announced plans Tuesday to offer all-inclusive transportation services, including carpool, car shuttle, and train service.

The CPD’s Transportation Solution for All is designed to allow for greater flexibility in the use of transit options, as well as expand capacity and capacity to meet increased demand, according to the statement.

The new service, which will be available to CPD employees beginning this month, will allow for the utilization of all types of transportation options to meet the needs of those who want to access the city.

The company’s goal is to reduce the average trip time to a total of 45 minutes for all riders and an average of 16 minutes for the entire fleet, which is expected to cover more than half of all trips by 2020.

In addition, the service will allow the CPD to further expand capacity for its bus and train systems.

The service will be offered to employees through CPD-operated buses and cabs, as the company continues to expand the fleet and improve service.

As a result of the service, CPD will also expand the number of CPD bus stops by 50 percent, and the number per vehicle by 75 percent.CPD officials have previously said that its plan is to offer both all-transit and all-car services in the coming years.

In a blog post earlier this month that outlined the plan, CDP officials said the service would be offered for use by employees of all levels and will include a range of services to meet different needs of individuals and families.

The service will also be available for other CPD employers who need to meet a certain number of vehicles per bus, including companies that provide daily bus service, as an option.