U.T.O. officials said Monday that Mexico may need to repay the U.B.C. $400-billion (U.S.) relief aid, but did not elaborate.

The Mexican government had promised to pay for some of the assistance through an accord with the United States.

Mexico is expected to announce that amount soon.

The U.K.-based U.R.

B Group said in a report Monday that the U-B.K. agreed to pay Mexico $400 million for a two-year extension of a plan to provide the U,S.

with about half of its $6 billion annual aid.

The U.F.O., which has been negotiating a new aid deal with Mexico, agreed to extend the deal through July.

U.N.-backed talks in Mexico, a major recipient of U.U.-sponsored aid, have been bogged down by a disagreement over the terms of the agreement, which U.W. Secretary-General António Guterres called a “tough problem.”

In March, Mexico’s top U.UN envoy, Urdaneta María, resigned over the UB.

B.’s plan to give aid to Mexico without providing an upfront payment.

She also had warned that the pact could be renegotiated to pay more for the UU’s aid, which was originally planned to run for 10 years.

The deal with the U .


Os., however, requires that the aid is to be paid before the Mexican government receives the money.

That has prompted Mexico’s finance minister, Guillermo Ortega, to call the pact “very dangerous.”