A Zurich-based travel agency says it has a way to ensure a safe journey home after a terrorist attack, and it has found the perfect way to do it.

The Zurich-headquartered agency, Trivago, has developed a system to track where travellers are and what they are doing.

It is part of a larger plan to protect travellers from terrorist attacks by using encrypted data in transport systems.

“The information collected during this surveillance can then be used to verify whether passengers have a valid travel itinerary and the right to travel,” the company’s website reads.

Trivago is part-owned by Swiss-based Siemens and operates on a Swiss-German network.

Transporting to and from Zurich by train, ferry, bus, train and plane is already safe, with the city already having a fully staffed emergency number to deal with a terrorist threat.

But Trivagos technology, which relies on encrypted data, can be used in the event of an attack and could prove a boon for travellers.

One of Trivagoras first major initiatives involved the creation of a virtual hotel in Zurich to act as a base for travellers to use during emergencies.

The company said the virtual hotel, called Zorba, would not only be able to provide accommodation for up to 25 people, but also provide them with information on their travel plans.

If one of the travellers in a group becomes sick or injured, the group could then communicate with a doctor or other health professional via the hotel.

Zorba is also used by Trivaggas customers to secure their trip home, and the company said Trivoglans team is working on a similar system for its own clients.

In an interview with German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Trivia owner Maximilian Trivagin said: “We will have the right data for the hotel in the case of an emergency.”

He added: “If we are going to use the hotel, we will have to verify that we have the correct data.”

The Zurich Airport Police have not issued any travel alerts to passengers since the deadly attacks in October 2015, when a truck attack claimed by ISIS killed 17 people and injured more than 50 others.

Last month, a terror attack killed five people at the airport.