A drone is flying over our highways in a bid to spy on our activities.

A US Department of Transportation spokesman confirmed that the drone is an autonomous vehicle, which means it’s capable of operating autonomously, and that it’s in the process of being upgraded to meet safety standards.

The spokesperson added that the department does not plan to use the drone for anything other than highway surveillance.

However, the drone’s capabilities do not extend to detecting illegal or suspicious activity on highways, such as drivers illegally parked in their own cars, or motorists with expired permits.

It’s unclear what the drone will be used for.

A spokesperson for the US Department’s Transportation Security Administration told Business Insider that the agency is not aware of any specific surveillance mission being undertaken by the drone.

“This is a UAS that is not equipped to do anything other that surveil,” the spokesperson said.

“The Department of Homeland Security is currently in the middle of developing a roadmap for the deployment of unmanned aerial systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles.”

While this unmanned aerial system is not currently in development, the Department will continue to monitor and evaluate its capabilities and the risks they pose to our communities and national security.

“The spokesman added that DHS is aware of the unmanned aerial vehicle and has been working with the FAA and state and local governments on a program to develop a safe and effective program to train and equip unmanned aerial devices.