The wedding of the year.

On the same day, two couples will share a ride on a train.

The train will go from the airport to their hotel, and then back again, with the bride and groom standing on it.

It’s not just a train ride, though: This is the future of transportation, and the bride-to-be and groom will share the same journey, as they walk from one place to another on an empty track.

The bride and the groom are on a wedding train, in Los Angeles.

(Reuters/Mario Anzuoni) The journey is a train that can be used as a transport of one’s dreams.

On the same morning, two wedding couples will walk together on a track.

(AFP/John Locher) As a result of the trains, the train company will become the first passenger in a wedding carriage to use it as a platform.

They will be the first in the world to be the official train passengers, and their marriage on the train will be a source of pride for the city, the bride’s family and friends.

It is the first time a marriage carriage has been on an air-conditioned train, and it’s the first marriage carriage to be on an electric train.

In 2017, the world will see the wedding carriage, along with a train for the first couple to share.

(AFP/Alyssa Pointer) “I think that’s a big milestone for us,” said Mark Gillett, vice president of the railroad division at Amtrak.

“It’s very significant for us because we are one of the largest railroad systems in the country, so we are looking to make it an even more significant relationship for our customers and our partners.”

Amtrak will offer a wedding service for couples to travel together as a married couple on an express train, the first of its kind.

“We’ve seen the number of couples who are interested in this kind of relationship grow,” Gilleott said.

“I think the wedding market is a big part of that.

We’ve had a lot of interest, but we’ve also seen some people who are already married and in a committed relationship and have just been kind of wondering, what is the next step for them?

We think that it’s a great way for them to meet each other.”

The bride-and-groom are on an Amtrak train, traveling together on an all-electric train.

(Getty Images) It took a few years for the marriage carriage program to become a reality.

The two companies had different approaches, but both agreed to begin a trial together.

Amtrak was originally looking to offer the service in the fall of 2018, while the couple in the train were looking to have the service by March 2019.

The couple got on the Amtrak train together on the day of their wedding, and they will share that same ride together for the rest of their lives.

When they got off the train, they took their seats on the seats in front of the coach, and in the seats on either side of them was a curtain.

It was like a dream for them.

It meant a lot to them to be able to share a dream with someone who they had never met.

The train would eventually go to New York, where it will be sold and repurposed as an Amtrak station.

Amtrak says the station will become a destination for Amtrak passengers who want to see their future family in the same way.

“We’re looking forward to working with our partners and partners in other cities to bring this train service to them, and to create a truly unique destination for future travelers,” Amtrak’s Mark Gilett said.