By The Associated Press Staff WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — Marine Corps officials say they’re confident that the island that was the home to the U,S.

Marines for more than a century will remain an important part of the Pacific Ocean security umbrella.

Military base officials say the Marines have not changed their long-standing commitment to the Okinawa base.

The Marine Corps says the base is now a Marine Corps facility.

But the base’s original name, Camp Pendleton, was changed in 1976 after the U.,S.

military was moved from nearby Camp Lejeune, N.C.

The new name, Okinawa, means “the sea.”

The Marine Corps’ official Okinawa site says the Marines now call the base Camp Pendelton, after the first Marine division that occupied the island in 1945.

But there are lingering questions about the future of the base.

In March, the U-S.

Navy said it would take control of Camp Pendleton for the duration of the war, citing budget concerns.

In a letter sent to lawmakers, Navy Capt. Robert L. Dickson, the chief of naval operations for the Pacific, said the decision was made to address an unforeseen budgetary constraint.

“The Navy cannot and will not commit to keeping Camp Pendler open past the date of the end of the hostilities, or to maintaining a permanent presence there during peacetime, or thereafter,” Dickson wrote.

The U.N. children’s agency in Okinawa has expressed concern that the base may be abandoned, but the base says it is committed to providing education, health care and other services to the Okinawan people.

In the end, the military said it is the U of A that has committed to staying in Okinawa and will continue to do so.