HBO’s “True Detective” has one of the most exciting and gripping storylines in recent memory, and it may not be ready for prime time just yet.

But the series creator Nic Pizzolatto’s first season of the highly anticipated HBO drama has just a few more twists and turns ahead, as well as plenty of surprises along the way.

Read on for the best of the season so far.


The return of the Black Family.

“True” is a show that takes a long time to get to its climax, and “True Crime” takes about five minutes.

” True Detective” doesn’t need to be a cliffhanger, it can be a nice introduction to a plot before it really starts getting serious.

In this season’s first episode, the Black family, led by family patriarch Will Graham (Jon Hamm), arrives at the sheriff’s station and, after a confrontation with a police officer, is brought to the table.

” The Black family is a very powerful group, and Will and the Black sisters, Claire (Lauren Graham) and Carla (Naomi Watts), will be important players for the rest of the first season, which we are very excited about,” Pizzo told reporters.

The Black families, who are all working to maintain the peace between themselves and the white community, are all connected by a secret, and they are the ones who are most interested in protecting their secrets.

In the season premiere, Will (Hampshire) meets up with the Black widow Carla, who, as we have seen, has her own secret, to learn more about Will’s family.

Will and his sister, Claire, will also face off against a white supremacist named Joe (Kevin Spacey), and we will learn more of the White family’s secret that has been hidden for years.


The arrival of a new sheriff.

Season one was built around Will and Claire, and we’ve seen them together for the first time in this season.

The White family, who were previously friends with the Grahams, has decided to turn on Will and will soon be in a standoff with him.

The new sheriff, Joel Fletcher (Kevin Bacon), is an anti-white zealot who believes that Whites are being persecuted because of their race, and he is also the son of a Confederate general.

He’s not the first white sheriff to come to town.

In fact, the show has a long history of casting actors who played characters from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

“There’s definitely a very strong sense of racial and political tension in this story,” Pazzo said.

“But we have to tread very carefully and we have some big surprises along this journey.

The show has been very well-liked and the ratings have been very strong, so we have a lot of fans in this world.”

In this episode, we’ll get to see what happens to Will, Claire and Joel when they get a call from their old friend Joe.

They’ve been talking to each other for years, and now they’re just about to go to war, as the sheriff and the White families are at odds over their secret.


The reunion of the two sisters.

Claire and Cara are the most powerful women on the show.

In Season One, we were introduced to the Black widows Claire and Claire’s son, Will, who was kidnapped by a group of white supremacists in New York City.

When Will is freed, the new sheriff comes to the rescue, and the two brothers reunite.

It was only after the first episode that we saw Cara, the sister of the original Will Graham, who had been separated from Will since the end of Season One.

She was brought back by Will and their new lawyer, Joe.

” It’s been a while since we’ve been on a show where the sister is the protagonist, and that’s something that I think is very important for me,” Pazsola said.

Claire, meanwhile, is now the new face of the white family and will be one of their biggest allies, even though she’s not from the South.

“We are very much in love with Claire, she’s a powerful character,” Pizolatto said.

When the brothers reunites with the other Black family members, they are all in agreement about the need for a white-dominated society.

” We feel that it is our obligation as White people to protect our heritage, and this is something that we cannot stand for, ” said Joel.

“This is something we cannot afford.

We have to stop this.

We must stand for something.”


The birth of the new family.

“The Black family will be in some trouble this season,” Puzilatto told reporters during a press conference.

In Episode 7, Claire meets with Joel in the hospital and asks him to find a way to bring her brother back.

Joel agrees, but only if the Black mother can convince him