By RICHARD JONES | 05 March 2018 05:00:03India has a long and complicated history with transport, but a new project to boost traffic flows is about to make the journey a little easier.

India’s transport ministry said on Monday it is setting up a “toll-free” network of toll-free telephone and email accounts that will help people buy, sell and trade goods and services.

The project will help ease traffic congestion in the Indian capital of New Delhi, as well as to connect small towns and villages across the country.

A total of 6,000 toll-paid accounts will be set up in each of the country’s five major cities, according to the government’s website.

“This new automated system is designed to provide toll-less access to consumers and businesses,” said the Ministry of Transport.

“It will enable the private sector to set up toll-paying accounts with the government at no cost, with ease of use and transparency,” the ministry said.

The system is part of the government plan to make India a more sustainable economy.

In the past, there has been a push for better road infrastructure and better road connectivity.

India has a road toll of around $3 billion per year, according the World Bank, but the toll collection system is far less.

The new system, however, will allow businesses and households to buy goods and send them to consumers through toll-payer accounts, the ministry added.

It is hoped that the toll-based system will encourage more people to take to the roads.

“The automated system will help us to improve traffic flow, and reduce congestion in urban areas,” said Nirmala Verma, Minister for Roads, Highways and Shipping.

The toll-taking system, which will be in place from January 2021, will help the government ease traffic flow in India.

“By offering toll-exempt transactions, we will reduce traffic congestion, improve traffic connectivity and reduce the need for motorists to pay tolls,” said Pranab Mukherjee, Managing Director, ICICI Bank.