As the number of electric cars on the roads grows, Israel’s Transportation Ministry has announced plans to make the country’s electric-car industry even bigger.

The ministry has set a goal to make every car in Israel’s territory a 100 percent electric vehicle by 2025, and it wants to expand that to 500,000 electric vehicles by 2030.

It says the move will enable Israel to achieve a world-class electric vehicle market by 2020.

The announcement came as the country continues to implement new rules to make electric cars easier to obtain and sell in the country.

The government has set up a website that will allow people to register their electric cars for sale.

The ministry says it will also make available free permits for private electric vehicle drivers.

The move comes as Israel has become the second country in the world to enact a carbon tax, after Norway, to combat climate change.

The tax has been an economic stimulus to revive the economy.