The cargo truck used to transport $400.000 worth, which was loaded on to a container ship, was used for a food delivery that the owner of the container company said went wrong, the owner told ABC News.

The cargo was loaded onto a container train in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday and then brought back to the company’s Port of Portland.

But the container, which the owner said had been abandoned, was returned to its owner, David Cusick.

The container, owned by a company called Vangis Logistics, was carrying supplies from Maine to Florida for the United States Postal Service, said Vangiss Logistics owner David Cucinelli.

The company, owned and operated by Cucilla, was supposed to deliver the cargo to the mailboxes of the Postal Service’s Portland office.

But instead, Cucilli said, the container was returned by a freight company to its owners, who then transported it back to their home in Georgia.

The postal service did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.