Posted February 01, 2018 07:33:15 When you’re looking for an active transportation map, you’ll probably be looking for maps that show traffic signals and stop signs.

You can then tap on any of those and get a full interactive map.

The new Google Maps app for iPhone and Android lets you do the same thing, but it’s a little more complex.

It’s also made more customizable.

For starters, you can change the order in which the icons on the map appear.

So you’ll see a green sign, a yellow one, and then a red one if the sign is green, a blue one if it’s yellow, and a red or blue one depending on the time of day.

You also can zoom in and out of the map to change the size and color of the icons.

Here’s an example of what it might look like with the icons in the middle of the screen.

If you’re not familiar with this, the way Google Maps works is that you tap a marker to bring up a menu with more options.

Tap one of those options to go to that map’s home page, or tap another option to return to the main map.

If you tap on the icon that’s closest to your cursor, you get a zoomed-in view of that map.

Once you zoom out, you’re able to see all the options for the map in one spot.

Here’s an animated gif showing the icons and the menu.

That means you can zoom to a particular point on the street, and it’ll show you a map with the current traffic conditions and road conditions.

The app will also show you where people live or work.

You’ll be able to zoom in on individual residents and their addresses to get an idea of their income level. 

You can also zoom in to individual businesses and see how much income they have, and you can see where they work.

Google Maps also has some new features for the Google Home app.

You don’t need an Apple HomePod to use these features, but they are still accessible via your Google Home device.

For example, you might be able see a map of your house and a map where you work or go to school.

There are also new maps available for biking, running, and walking.

There’s also a map for parking and a new route for the E train.

There are also some navigation tweaks to the Google Maps navigation app for iOS, Android, and the web.

You now have to use the left and right arrow keys to move left and forward, and to swipe up and down to change lanes.

You have to be a member of Google’s free, Google Maps Plus, or Google Plus membership service to use them.

You can use the Google Map app to get directions to a location or a waypoint.

You’ve also got the option to send a message to someone using Google Maps.

For more information on Google Maps, check out the official website.