Tesla’s latest foray into US transportation could come as a surprise to many, given the company’s US presence.

The company is planning to launch its “Roadrunner” electric SUV in 2019.

The vehicle is being marketed as a “high-performance, affordable luxury electric vehicle with an exceptional blend of safety and performance,” according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but it is still in its “early stages of development.”

The “RoadRunner” concept, which Tesla is marketing as a luxury vehicle, is being touted as an SUV, with a range of up to 80 miles.

It’s expected to be a compact vehicle with a maximum seating capacity of seven.

However, the car will be capable of a range over 100 miles, as Musk explained.

According to Musk, the company is hoping to have the vehicle in the hands of American consumers by 2019.

While the company says that the Roadrunner will be able to travel in cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco in the first few years, Tesla will be rolling out the vehicle across the country in the second half of 2019, according to Musk.

This could be a major departure from the company that sold its cars to the US government, which has limited autonomy, but did not have a vehicle designed for that purpose.

Tesla has been developing a number of autonomous vehicles for the US military.

This has allowed it to take advantage of the fact that the US has a low-cost transportation infrastructure and that it has no national transportation system.

The “roadrunner” is being developed as a hybrid vehicle that is equipped with a number for the first time, according a spokesperson for Tesla.

It will be manufactured at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada and the vehicles will be assembled in the state.

However the spokesperson did not disclose the price of the vehicle.