Month: October 2021

When is a taxi licence required?

The Department of Transport (DOT) has issued a new requirement to all operators of taxis that the vehicle must be a ‘commercial’ type, rather than an ‘intercity’ type.The regulation is an update of the taxi license requirement issued in April last year.The new requirement is not retrospective, but only applies to drivers with a minimum […]

How you can save money at auto dealers

The best and most efficient way to save money on your auto is to go to the dealers and shop locally, the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACAA) said.NACA is a trade association that represents consumers in the auto industry.It’s a group of car buyers and sellers that also represents dealerships.According to NACA, the average […]

Why is Trump’s trade war so unpopular?

The president and congressional Republicans are in a standoff over a trade agreement that would boost U.S. manufacturing by hundreds of thousands of jobs and boost American exports.Trump is also fighting for the right to use the phrase “America First.”Here’s a look at why Americans hate the trade war and how it’s hurting their businesses.

Which new Maryland transportation projects have the best chance of going into effect?

An application of molecular transport technology could provide better mobility to more than 100,000 Marylanders in need of a service.The Maryland Transportation Authority has launched a pilot project to test out a technology that uses nanotechnology to transfer information from one electronic device to another.The new application would use a new nanoscale chip that uses […]

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