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How to Build a Tesla for less than $1 million

How much is a Tesla battery worth?With the price of lithium-ion batteries dropping to under $50 per kilowatt hour, there’s no shortage of new ideas for powering a future electric car.However, the potential savings for manufacturers aren’t all that great.According to a new study from The University of Texas at Austin, the value of a […]

When is a taxi licence required?

The Department of Transport (DOT) has issued a new requirement to all operators of taxis that the vehicle must be a ‘commercial’ type, rather than an ‘intercity’ type.The regulation is an update of the taxi license requirement issued in April last year.The new requirement is not retrospective, but only applies to drivers with a minimum […]

Why do we need a Transportation Clipart for DC?

When the city of DC asked for help with transportation, we had to consider how many pieces we could fit into the city’s currently-shrinking budget.The answer was not too big of a deal, and the short answer is that the city already had a number of transportation resources available.The short answer: we have plenty of […]

The State of the Trucking Industry 2016

Transportation industry leaders are hopeful that an expected increase in passenger vehicle demand will push the industry toward profitability in the near term.But it could take decades for trucking to see sustained economic growth and profits.Transportation industry experts expect the industry to continue to struggle to generate a profit for a long time.In the meantime, […]

Transport Tycoon: A Tale of Two Cities

Transport Tycoon is the first real-time simulation game that can be played in two cities simultaneously.Players can move between cities as they need, or create their own city and customize its architecture.The game allows players to build and customize their city’s infrastructure, transportation network, and population, and the player can also purchase resources and build […]

Which animals are most vulnerable to a driverless car?

The transport sector has always had its share of animal transport disasters.But a new report suggests that the most vulnerable animals are not the horses, camels and camels-watching ones but those with disabilities. The new report by researchers at the University of Bristol, Oxford University and the International Center for the Study of Disabled People (ICSD) […]

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